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Chrissy has been tattooing since 2001, getting her start in Muskegon MI. Chrissy wanted to create a different type of tattoo shop, which she did with Sei Bella Tattoos, with all-female artists and a safe and loving environment.  Chrissy does spirit-guided tattooing, where she gets the guidance of spirit every step of the way! She enjoys celestial, floral, and linework tattoos, and looks forward to working with you.
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Sydney is a first-year tattoo artist, wire wrapper, and card reader. She was born and raised right here in West Michigan. All of her work is done in partnership with the divine universe. She loves tattooing organic, celestial, spiritual, and feminine pieces, and wants nothing more than to bring your tattooing dreams to fruition. Sydney would also love to help guide you along your destiny path with card readings and wire-wrapped crystals and jewelry.
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Kennady is a self-taught artist born and raised in West Michigan. Painting and coloring are some of her earliest memories. Kennady is pursuing continued education and hopes to define and develop her style even more through webinars and seminars. She has been tattooing since 2018, specializing in flowers, botanical designs, skulls, and mandalas. However, she also does custom designs. Kennady is an acrylic painter as well and has her own unique and colorful style. Her goal is to sell prints of her paintings & grow in her tattoo career. You can check out more of her work on her Facebook and Instagram, @synonyms4unique.  To set up an appointment with Kennady, please visit at


Chaya is a poet and a writer from birth and has found a remedy through composition. She is passionate about creating from every corner, and knows that collaboration makes life that much sweeter. Her favorite style of tattoos are line art, abstract, and black work. To contact Chaya to book a consultation or an appointment you can contact her at  


Li is the youngest shop apprentice. She is impassioned about art, reading,   and spending time in nature. She is learning all about tattooing under the amazing artists at Sei Bella. Li is excited to continue to work on her abilities! To contact Li and book a consultation or an appointment you can contact her at


Eve is a self taught artist–starting with any and every art class she can remember in school! Born and raised in west Michigan, she started her tattoo journey as an apprentice in Zealand Michigan. Eve loves nature, being connected to the earth, dance and music.  She also has a love for cosmetology and the beauty industry as a whole.  Eve loves creating customized zodiac that is specialized for each individual, and anything spiritual.

To contact email her at:


Veronica Eileen (a.k.a Not Ur Babys Ink) expresses herself in vasts amount of different art forms; music, painting, and also expressing it in her tattooing. Veronica picked up her machine in 2019 when she became an apprentice/artist under her mentor Chrissy Robison, from there the rest is history.
“As an Artist here I really like capturing those moments into an image and being able to put it somewhere where it will never be forgotten. Your body is a temple so why not decorate the walls? ” – Veronica Eileen

Keep up with Veronica & her ever-growing journey as an artist, someone who seeks out experience
through this lifetime to better herself as a person & as an artist.

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Stop in to see Kenneth for the perfect piercing in our clean and calming environment! To book a piercing, simply visit the Sei Bella Piercing website where you can choose your appointment.

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