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Find your perfect tattoo or spiritual wellness match with any of the talented artists on our team!


Chrissy has been tattooing since 2001,  getting her start in Muskegon MI. Chrissy wanted to create a different type of tattoo shop, which she did with Sei Bella Tattoos, with all-female artists and a calm and loving environment.  Chrissy does spirit-guided tattooing, where she gets the guidance of spirit every step of the way! She enjoys celestial, floral, and linework tattoos, and looks forward to working with you.
To book an appointment please email Chrissy at  


Sydney is a second-year tattoo artist, wire wrapper, and card reader. Sydney is currently taking appointments for the end of the year and will be on maternity leave this summer. She was born and raised right here in West Michigan. All of her work is done in partnership with the divine universe. She loves tattooing organic, celestial, spiritual, and feminine pieces. She wants nothing more than to bring your tattooing dreams to fruition! Sydney would also love to help guide you along your destiny path with card readings and wire-wrapped crystals and jewelry.
To book with Sydney please email her at


Liz Lunsford or “@uglytat2betty” is an experienced tattoo artist who studied at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids. In 2006, she took an apprenticeship for tattooing and has been tattooing ever since. Her strengths are straight lines, illustrative-realism, black and grey, bright color, bold traditional, and cover-ups.

To book with Liz, please email 


Chaya (Kie-yuh) is a poet from birth and a creator from heart. Tattooing others now for two years, she knows collaboration makes life all the sweeter. She particularly loves doing traditional tattoos, florals, and line art. 

Contact Chaya at to book a consultation or appointment and start some magic!


Li is in her second year of tattooing. She is impassioned about art, D&D, and spending time with her loved ones. She has a plethora of fun facts to entertain her clients with! Her preferred styles to work in are organic, bold line-art, and traditional. She also loves to make custom designs for clients based on things they love. To contact Li to book an appointment or consultation you can contact her at


AJ is our youngest artist in shop who was born and raised in West Michigan. She enjoys tattooing bold, traditional, organic designs with a special love for nature-based styles. AJ is stoked to continue learning and working on her skill. To contact AJ to book an appointment or consultation, please email her at :


Eve is a self taught artist–starting with any and every art class she can remember in school! Born and raised in west Michigan, she started her tattoo journey as an apprentice in Zealand Michigan. Eve loves nature, being connected to the earth, dance and music.  She also has a love for cosmetology and the beauty industry as a whole.  Eve loves creating customized zodiac artowork that is specialized for each individual, and anything spiritual.

To contact Eve please email her at


Stop in to see Kenneth for the perfect piercing in our clean and calming environment! To book a piercing, simply visit the Sei Bella Piercing website where you can choose your appointment or you can reach him by calling or texting 231 286 4670.

Kenneth is at our new location at 875 W Summit, 2 doors down from our original location!


Raine is our newest apprentice at Sei Bella. Raine is a life-long artist who is very excited to begin the journey of tattooing. Raine has a deep love and reverence for nature, and their favorite stories are those told by the Earth. The in-between states and the connections that form in nature are where Raine likes to venture in their art, while blurring the boundary between the real and the imagined.

To book an appointment or consult with Raine please email 

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