All artists book through their own emails via our “find your artist” page.  If you need further help please email and we will be happy to assist you! Please note, a 3% convenience fee will be added to orders that are paid with credit card. To avoid this, you may pay with cash. Thank you!

Offering Quality Tattoos in a Serene, Comfortable Environment

Connect with your perfect artist, and visit the shop for spirit-guided tattoo art, tarot readings, and metaphysical treasures!

Welcome to Sei Bella! 

Did you know we recently opened a 2nd location? Check it out here!

Your high vibe haven for tattoo artistry and metaphysical wellness!

At Sei Bella, we provide a tranquil and safe space to explore beautiful tattoo art from one of our many artists, as well as spiritual guidance from our tarot Reading Room and Spirit 33 metaphysical shop.

Whether you’re looking for a spirit-guided tattoo or esoteric healing, we’d love to see you at our shop in Roosevelt Park, MI. Stop by in person or online for intuitive guidance via tarot at The Reading Room, or purchase quality crystals, artisan and shaman crafted divination tools. Also, enjoy our spell jar station as well as our make and take pillar candle spell station! Find this and more at our Spirit 33 shop, on location.

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